RamaCity, the city-building game with awesome features:
Schools, streets and shopping malls: Make sure your citizens feel right at home in RamaCity.
Build a wide variety of buildings, recreational facilities and factories and paint them as you like in your RamaCity.
Complete daily goals to entertain your RamaCity citizens and spice up their lives.
November 8, 2011
New here? Get your starter pack!
Real estate agent or rich investor? As freshly elected mayor, get your starter pack full of real estate objects, infrastucture and even a couple of must-have status symbols. Now available in the city treasury!
Oct. 27, 2011
A haunting Halloween in your city!
As darkness falls over your city, crowds of eeriely dressed Urbies start to descend upon the streets to celebrate the start of All Hallows' Eve. Join them from Oct. 27 to Nov. 3, 2011 and celebrate Halloween with new spooky decorations and new adventures! It's time to let the haunting begin!
Sept. 27, 2011
NEW: RamaCity's massive update!
Ramacity enters a new phase with new quests, new features and a brand-new energy system!
Visit your friends, send them energy with the wind turbine, and send out deliveries.
Complete funny, new goals and get your hands on the beta tower!
August 2, 2011
RamaCity: Visit your friends!
Dying to see your friends' cities? Then visit their cities today!
Your first goal: Check out the neighborhood!
Become mayor and build your own city
Watch your city come to life with funny animations
Play with your friends and visit their cities